When we reach into water we might notice the circular ring pattern pulsating away from our touch. These simple observations are my artist classroom. My tools are light and shadows. Art is the mixture of observation and imagination expressed in physical form.

Artistically I’ve done everything from sculpture to furniture making to painting.

In the ’80’s, I explored using a computer as my new digital canvas. Inspired by the ancient text of the IChing, I created a Screen-Saver with original computer drawings representing the sixty four IChing hexagrams.

Two years ago I felt inspired to return my artistic roots and express myself painting with a canvas and a brush.

With just one image a complete story can be told. As an artist, my intent is to evoke, challenge and awaken the viewer. From the whimsical to the profound, I like to play with this idea of telling stories.

While in my 20’s I made a living as an airbrush artist traveling throughout California selling my wares at Arts and Crafts fairs.

In spite of having Multiple Sclerosis for over 30 years I am thrilled that I am still able to create and share these visual stories.