In mid January, 32 volunteers returned home from the Dominican Republic, where they had spent a week staffing the Somos Amigos clinic in Naranjito. With your support, they were able to care for 530 medical and dental patients.

Some Numbers
  • 389 medical patients
  • 141 dental patients
  • 145 blood tests
  • 3 PAPs
  • 334 tooth surfaces filled
  • 85 patients had teeth cleaned
  • 1864 prescriptions dispensed
On this trip we were able to accommodate 54 first-time medical patients and 34 first-time dental patients.
We always give priority to our returning patients, but we work hard to try to accommodate as many patients as we can. With the addition of our first spring trip to this year’s schedule, our hope is that we will be able to accommodate even more new patients.
As always, however, numbers only tell part of the story.  Each patient who enters the Somos Amigos clinic receives incredible care delivered with compassion, humility and respect.

Even when we are not at the clinic, our work continues. This trip generated six new referrals: these are long-time Somos Amigos patients who need care that we cannot provide on-site. Once our physicians make the diagnosis, the patient is referred to a private clinic in Santiago for further diagnostics or a procedure or surgery, or some other type of treatment. Somos Amigos funds 100% of these referral expenses, even the costs for getting the patient and a family member back and forth to the city.

Did you know…

  • On a typical trip we spend nearly $28,000 on medications given to patients, vitamins, supplies, lab tests, and other clinic expenses.
  • Our volunteers generously pay their own airfare and all fees associated with their being a part of our team.
  • 100% of your gift is used for expenses associated with operating our clinic and caring for our patients.

Thank you for your generosity. Perhaps you would consider making a modest monthly gift to Somos Amigos? Whether one-time or recurring, we are grateful for your support. Here is the link to give: DONATE HERE