Here are some photos of a recent trip to Africa.  A life long dream come true!  (Yes I cried when my passport arrived in the mail.)  I met a college friend and her husband to run the half marathon in Cape Town- Two Oceans- and then had the honor of safari’ing in a reserve near Kruger Park and later in Botswana; ahhh…the sweet smell of wild sage fills my heart with joy…and now longing.  The people where  beautiful, the animals thrilling, the sundowners (AKA “G&T’s”) near the Hippo lagoon oh so refreshing and the half marathon…well for one, I finished ( and uh ,no Larkin & Melvin, mom didn’t ‘win’) and two,  with Table Top  mountain arising at every turn how could one not feel the inspiration???  If you have the opportunity- Go.  I’ll join you!